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How ToTether the Samsung SGH-i637 Jack

Installing application unlocking PROGRAMS


Overview of installing Application Unlocking Program and Registry Editor Program


   There are two more cab files which must be installed.  The first file is an application

unlocking program.  This program allows other applications to be downloaded to your

phone that have not been approved by AT&T.  (Because AT&T would not approve of an

application that would unlock the Internet Sharing program on the Jack.)


   The second file is required to edit the phone's registry and remove a registry file that

forces the Jack to connect to the GSM network instead of the 3G network.


   1) Again, just as you did before with the MobileJaw program, you're going to click on

       the download link of each of these programs then save them to the desktop of your

       PC one at a time.

 Download the first file and save it to your to your desktop by clicking here:   SurrealNetworks App Unlock


 Download the second file and save it to your desktop by clicking here:



 Then from your desktop you're going to:

   1) Open the ActiveSync program >

   2) Click on 'Explore' (at the top of the ActiveSync window) > locate and open the 'My

       Documents' file in your phone > and

   3) Copy and paste each of the two downloads on your desktop into this file one at a


   4) Close the ActiveSync Explore window and locate the programs on your phone.


To locate the files go to:

 ) START >

 ) File Explorer >

 ) My Documents > (and locate the SurrrealNetworks App Unlock first.)

 ) Click on it and it will install on your phone.  After it does so, click - Done.

 ) Next, again locate the regeditSTG file.  When you click on the file -  it will open again

   in a new screen. Then, click on the regedit.exe file.

(When asked if you want to continue, click, YES)

 ) This will open the phone's registry. 


(You will need to pay very close attention to what I'm about to tell you to do next!)


In the phone's registry you will see 4 (four) registry keys.

1)  Locate the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and click on it.

      ( It may just say:  HKEY_LOCAL_MAC... )

2)  In the new window - Scroll down and locate the file labeled: Comm  and click on it.

3)  In the new window - Scroll down and locate the  file labeled: InternetSharing (all one

     word) and click on it.

4)  In the new window - scroll down and locate the file labeled:  Settings  and click on it.

5)  In the new window - locate and DELETE the file:  ForceCellConnection

6)  If asked for confirmation, click YES. 

7)  Once this file is deleted -Then, PRESS THE BUTTON ON YOUR KEYPAD WITH THE


8) Now, Turn your Phone OFF and back ON.


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