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How ToTether the Samsung SGH-i637 Jack

Programs to be downloaded to your pc FOR Tethering with 3g

Overview of Turning the Security OFF on your Samsung Jack


  There are two programs that you must download to your PC.  These programs will turn

the 'Security' OFF on your phone so that MediaNet will be added as an option to the

'Internet Sharing' program. 


Once the first program is installed, you will use this installed program to download the

second program.


Both of these programs are free.  There is no cost to use them.


Note: **Before beginning, you will need to have your Samsung Jack connected to your PC

with a USB Data cable.


Tip: You may want to first read all of the instructions in this box before beginning in

order to familiarize yourself with what you will be doing.  Then, scroll back up and





   1) The first program you will need to install on your computer is: Microsoft's Security

       Configuration Manager.

   2) The name of the file on the download page is:  Setup.msi

   3) You will download this program from Microsoft directly.

   4) Click on  Device Security Manager to download.

   5) Save this program to a location on your computer where you can easily find it - like

      your  Desktop.

   6) Double Click on the program's icon (Named 'Setup') and install it to your PC.  

   7) The program may not automatically open after being installed.  To open the program

       from your Desktop click, START > All Programs > Security Configuration Manager.

   8) On the program screen - to your top left - you will see a Drop Down Box with the

       word 'LOCKED' in it.  Click on the 'down arrow' of the box and select, 'Security Off'.

   9) In the center of the programs window you,ll see a button labeled, 'Provisions'.  

 10) Click on the Provisions button. (You'll only need to click it once.)  Be patient for a few

       seconds - and it will automatically download and install the second program called,

       'Tool' to your Samsung Jack. 

 11) When the Provisions program finishes, you will receive a notice in a pop-up box with

        information that the installation has been completed.  Click, OK.

 12) The Tool program should load into your phone without additional permission. 

       However, you may be instructed to check your phone screen to give permission for

       the Tool program to be downloaded to your phone.  Simply click on your phone's

        screen where needed to allow the program to be installed.

 13) Click on the Red X at the top of the Security Configuration Manager window on your

       PC to exit the program.

 14) See Picture(s) below for 1-2-3 step process to turn the Security OFF on your phone.


Security Configuration Manager Screen Shot


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