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How ToTether the Samsung SGH-i637 Jack


Overview of the Second step:


   The second step is to application Unlock your Samsung Jack.  To do this you're going to download a cab file (Named:MobileJaw) to your PC desktop.  Once this file is downloaded onto your computer, do not attempt to open it.  This file (in its entirety) will then be transferred to your phone and installed there.



 1) To download this file, click here:   MobileJaw-ClearSecurity-MobiControl

 2)  Save this file on your PC desktop.

 3) Make sure your phone is connected to your PC with the USB Data cable. 

 4) Open the ActiveSync program and make sure your phone is connected to ActiveSync.

 5) At the top of the ActiveSync program, click on:  'Explore'.

 6) The files in your phone will open in a new window on your computer.

 7) Locate the file that says: My Documents and double click on it. (The file will open)

 8) Important!  You are going to copy and paste the MobileJaw cab file into the ' My

     Documents'  folder.  DO NOT drag it to the folder.  Make sure to right click on the file

     (select copy) then place your mouse pointer in an open area of the 'My Documents'

     folder - right click - and select, 'Paste'. ( If you receive a 'Files

     Transfer Notice' just click, OK. )

  9) Exit the window on your desktop that shows all of your phone's files by clicking the

      red X at the top of the window.

 10) Now, pick up your phone and get ready to install the MobileJaw application on your


 11) Picture directions are published below.  Follow the pictures and click where each

       Red arrow is pointing to install the program.  Begin at your 'Home' screen by first

       pressing the button on your phone with the House pictured on it.



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