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How ToTether the Samsung SGH-i637 Jack


Overview of the First step:


   The first step is to make sure that your Samsung Jack has been upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5.  To determine if your Jack has been upgraded, follow these instructions:

 1) On your phone press the SEND key as though you were making a call.  (Your Contacts list will open.)

 2) Now, press the following keys on your keypad ( Note: you will have to press the FN key at the same time as the *(Star) key and the #(Pound) key for them to work.)

Press: *#1234# (Star Pound One Two Three Four Pound)

If done correctly, you will see two lines of information.  The first line will begin with: PDA (followed by a code) and the second line will begin with: Phone (followed by a code.)

Look at the code after each word.  If your phone has been upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5 you will see the following code on both lines after each word:  i 6 3 7 U C I J 2

(You can now press, OK to exit the screen.)

If you see this code, you can skip down to step #2 below.

If you have a different code, you'll need to upgrade your phone to Windows Mobile 6.5 before continuing.

To upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5, click on the link provided below and follow the instructions (with pictures).  


Before upgrading to WM6.5:


   Make sure that (1) you download the Update Tool to your computer (ie: DO NOT CLICK:

'RUN' after downloading the file) - (2) that your SIM card is removed from your phone

before beginning the upgrade and (3) that you complete ALL of the instructions to the

very end.


  Click here to download the upgrade with instructions:  Windows Mobile 6.5 Upgrade


  After making sure that your Jack has been upgraded to Windows Mobile6.5, you're ready

for the Second step.


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