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How ToTether the Samsung SGH-i637 Jack


Now that our goal is better understood, let's get started reaching it. It should take only about 10 -15 minutes.  Anyone can perform this unlock.  The instructions have been specifically written in plain English.


   Below, you will find clear step-by-step directions (with pictures) on how to unlock your Samsung i637 Jack - to tether your PC to your Jack on the AT&T 3G network.  



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 Before we get started:

 1) Your Samsung Jack will need to be fully charged and turned - ON.

 2) You will need access to a PC with Windows XP. ( Vista or Windows 7 will not work)

 3)  You will need to have Internet access on your PC.

 4) You will need a USB Data cable connected from your PC to your Samsung Jack.

 5) You will need to have ActiveSync installed on your PC.

       *If you don't have ActiveSync installed on your computer, you can download it from Microsoft free by clicking here: ActiveSync 4.5 Download

      (Note: ActivSync is used for Windows XP even if you have Windows Mobile 6.5 on your Samsung phone.)

 6)  And, you will need to have a Data plan on your AT&T Account. 

 If you do not currently have a Data plan, you can have one added to your account by calling AT&T at: 1-800-331-0500 or 611 from your wireless phone.

      *If you're Hearing Impaired: Call AT&T at 1-866-241-6567(TTY)

      *Data Plans easily can be added to either, a Contract or Go Phone service plan.


      Now, it's time for the next step:


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