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How ToTether the Samsung SGH-i637 Jack

how to tether the Samsung Jack on AT&T's 3g network


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How to Tether the Samsung Jack on AT&T's 3G Network


  AT&T's 3G network requires a connection to the internet with MediaNet to enjoy 3G

Data transfer. What AT&T doesn't tell it's customers before they purchase a new 3G

phone like the Samsung Jack is that MediaNet is actually disabled by default in the

phone's 'Internet Sharing' program while tethered to a PC.


  This limitation prevents AT&T's 3G phones from using the faster 3G technology and only

allows connecting to the Internet through the slower GSM network while tethering.  In

speed comparison, GSM is to 3G as dial-up is to broadband.  


   Because the Samsung Jack is capable of blazing fast speeds with it's HSDPA 3.6

technology, by limiting the phone's connection options to the slower GSM network while

tethering is a complete waste of the phone's fantastic capabilities. However, by unlocking

the Samsung Jack's 'Internet Sharing' program the phone can then connect to MediaNet

when tethered to a PC.  This results in a noticeably faster transfer of data on AT&T's 3G



    Here, we're going to show how to unlock the Jack's 'Internet Sharing' program to

use MediaNet and enjoy AT&T's faster 3G network while tethering.

What unlocking your 'internet sharing' program accomplishes

   In order to better understand our goal - to tether the Samsung Jack on AT&T's 3G

network - it's important to actually see the end result.  Shown below are before and after

pictures of the connection options displayed on a Samsung Jack. 


   The first photo shows the display screen of the Jack with a locked 'Internet Sharing'

program.  The second photo shows the benefit of unlocking this program where the

option to select MediaNet when tethering is now available.


Before and after pictures of the 'Internet Sharing' Program